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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Still counting...

We are still counting down...

Another week of hard work has passed and of course as usual there is the good news and the less good news. Let's get the less good news over first.

Last week I received a third sample set of the housing, expecting that this would be the last sample set before running the real production housings. Unfortunately, the housing was still not exactly as expected and more touch-up work needed to be done. The manufacturer promised to get new samples to me by past Thursday, but this did not happen. He told me on Friday noon that the mold was ready for sampling again, so I hope to get the fourth sample set on Monday. I will be on the phone with him first thing Monday morning for a status report. This will impact the ETA of October 15.

Now for the good news. On all other fronts things have been progressing very well!

I have received the first production sample boards back and all are fully functional! Production of the remaining boards is currently in full flow.

Regarding the online shopping cart, integration with the PayPal website took much more time than expected, but this morning I finally made a breakthrough and from the testing I have done so far, it looks like the shopping cart is now properly being transferred to PayPal.

Everyone who signed up on the pre-order list should be receiving an email later this week with an order-link to the online store. If you haven't signed up yet, now is the time to do it!

This week I have also been working on automated testing of the modules (every module is quality controlled before it is shipped). I have been working on hardware related to the testing as well as software. The photo above shows a test-board for simultaneous testing of 8 modules (if module through-put is not fast enough the test capacity of the board can be expanded). Besides electrical testing and visual inspection already done at the board fabrication and assembly house, complete functionality of the GPS module will be tested as well. This includes USB and dock connector interconnect functionality, back-up battery check, visual LED inspection, GPS check (TTFF and SNR) and A-GPS functionality.

In the meantime, let's keep our fingers crossed for the next sample set of the housing!


Anonymous said...

I hope it arrives before next month because in next month I'll be off to places like wellington, Sydney and Seattle.. so I seriously need this GPS module otherwise I'd have to purchase a different handheld gps. Also is it possible to save the street maps of major cities? it'll be really helpful when there is no WiFi availability.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Thanks for the update!

Now I just need to check if I did sign up or forgot, lol

Unknown said...

Its amazing what your doing. Keep up the good work. I applaud you. Most people talk up a big game, but you my friend have actually done something.


Anonymous said...

a little delay is no problem at all!
thanks for all the work and effort..
Grtz koen

Anonymous said...

i am waiting .. i am waiting... checking email every few minutes.. i am still waiting...

hehehe... can't wait to get my hands on the unit...

Anonymous said...

i have told countless people with ipods/iphones about you and your product...and most of the responses are similar to..."who is making these? not LG? not samsung? not toshiba? you can't get them at best buy? or staples? or any other name brand whore house???

i hate these lemmings...i really do. its almost like real people cannot make a quality product and sell it without brick and mortar store fronts any more. this is why i don't buy music from sony records...i will gladly purchase services and products from independent sources.

and when i have my gps unit they will all be drooling...why? because it is the only ones on the market and they will want one and i will gladly say...GET YOUR OWN SUCKERS!

great job and thanx for the play by play on the just adds fuel to our fire for supporting a real quality product!