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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Online store is up and running!

After some more delay, the online store is finally up and running.

You can now place your order for the iGPS360 module (and some other goodies) by clicking here or by accesing the Orange Gadgets website and clicking on ORDER in the top menu bar.

When you place your order, make sure to mention your database entry number in the comments box for your order during the checkout procedure.

If you have lost your database entry number, no worries, I will be sending out notifications to all of the emails in the database later today/tomorrow with your database entry number in it.

If you don't have a database entry number, you can get one by signing up here

Orders are going to be handled according your database entry number (assuming your order is paid for). This is to be fair to everyone and to make sure that the people who signed up first, will get their units first.

The current expected ship date for the module is 10/22/2008 (which is still subject to change depending on the arrivals of the housings). Keep in mind that not all 1000 modules will be ready by that date as they come out of production bit by bit. So please be patient after you place your order. We will send you a confirmation email once your order is packed and ready to ship.

With respect to the new online store a few notes:

  • Please report any website related problems you encounter to

  • For questions with respect to the details of your placed order, please email

  • Performance of the website will depend on the amount of traffic, so if things are a little slow while accessing the online store, please be patient for pages to complete loading.

  • The online store has detailed product descriptions, so please take the time to read them as they might answer questions that you have. For remaining questions, please email

As the online store has kept me pretty much busy non-stop for the last couple of days, I still have quite a few emails from people to answer. So if you haven't heard back from me, thanks for understanding and being patient. I hope to get back to my email as soon as I get done with the database notification emails.

As you can imagine, today is a big milestone for myself and Orange Gadgets and I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the blog and the product.

Thanks, PmgR


Unknown said...

hi I just ordered the igps360 module!

I live in ireland and I am going to Berlin on the 26th of October, I'm just wondering will I have it by then?im database number 8.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the big event.

I've placed my order and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Once, so many times, again thanks for your dedication!

Chuck out

Anonymous said...

Wow.. can't wait to get my hands on the unit.. errr.. by the way.. i have not received any email from you yet, with the database number..

I am sure i was the few top ones that made the pre-order.. but i can't be sure now, without the database number..

I only require 1 unit, therefore i don't want to double order..


Anonymous said...

yes!!!!! just ordered mine =) database number 323 kinda high but at least im getting it DEF worth tha wait :) any idea on the icontrolpad i would LOVE to get that!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for snare information.....

Anonymous said...

nice :)
i am looking forward to mine!!
if you order a gps module, is there allready a usb cable included?
thx from belgium!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am getting this message when i click on the store:

Secure Connection Failed

 uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for *

(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

* This could be a problem with the server's configuration, or it could be someone trying to impersonate the server.

* If you have connected to this server successfully in the past, the error may be temporary, and you can try again later.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Firmare 2.1....I need a yes or no answer on this question. Does it work yet with 2.1? If not is there a set date when it will. I have been tracking this for a long time and REALLY want to be able to use it with 2.1!!!!!!

Varman Jeyaseelan said...

WOOOO! Congrats.A am number 40-50 or something (i think). How much space will the maps take up on my
4GB iPhone?

Unknown said...

Order completed !!! :-D

One question (hope it's not too late) : Is there any news about the keyring we were discussing a few weeks ago ? If this is reality, it would be better to process both order ans shipping together...

Thanks in advance, can't wait !

GPS said...

@all: thank you for all your orders!

@ian: reminder emails with your database number will be sent later today; I had to write a little script to pull all the data from the database and do automatic mailing. It's almost ready to run.

@ericg: I have been in touch with the iControlpad manufacturer and they are still working on production and resolving the last couple of issues (similar to what you have seen going on on the blog here). I guess most things don't go right the first time around ;-)

@anonymous: yes, one USB cable is included with the module (see the product description).

@anonymous: regarding the certificate error, you can "add an exception" or "accept" or something similar with respect to the certificate security notice. The certificate is from who is our webhost so it is perfectly fine to accept it. (so your security is not compromised). Eventually we will get our own certificate.

@brian: from conversation with Xwaves (who is running 2.1 on his iPhone) you should be good to go. Any 2.x.x software is fine. Minimum requirement is 2.0.

@varman: that depends on your zoom levels and size of the map. Even with 4GB you should have plenty of space. E.g. Los Angeles and Orange county maps take about 3.3GB for all zoom levels (which is overkill).

@vincent: the keychain will be developed further but that will still be quite a while as a new housing will need to be made for it. So it probably won't be finished before the end of this year (you have witnessed how long the housing process is taking...). I will be right on top of it once all orders are processed.


Unknown said...

go to engadget, they wrote a post on this.

Anonymous said...

will this include Australian Map?

Anonymous said...

My order number is around 400 and I live outside US, will it ship soon enough? I've got a long trip to make after Nov 10...I wonder if it arrives before that date

Anonymous said...

does somebody received a database number by mail?

Anonymous said...

Just ordered it...I hope it arrives soon.

Anonymous said...

I want to place my order today but I have not received my database #. I remember signing up really early on. Can I place my order and still be guaranteed shipment without the database info?

GPS said...

@james: indeed, the engadget post is here or type iGPS360 in the search box. Spread the word!

@anonymous: if Australia is supported by Google maps, you can download those maps with the xGPS software. Note that Orange Gadgets only ships hardware (see the product description on the online store).

@anonymous: shipping of all 1000 modules is expected to be completed between 10/22/2008 and the third week of November. So you can estimate when yours would ship. Note that I am working as hard as I can (overtime every day now, including weekends) so your patience is appreciated.

@anonymous and @brian: I am working on it. The emails will go out soon... hang in there and thanks for you patience.

Unknown said...

do a demo of the
Module in use.

Anonymous said...

Hey, will you make an API available for developers to add GPS functionality to their apps?

Anonymous said...

hey, i have just put in my order officially and paid thru Paypal already..

I have got a good database no.. hehehe.. now to jailbreak my ipod touch...

Anonymous said...


I have just jail broken my ipod touch running on v2.1 now...

okay.. awaiting for the GPS thingy to arrive..

can't wait to see it works..


Jay's Blog said...

Three questions:
1) For us novices will there be an easy how to guide to install the software

2) Will the GPS module work with Google Maps

3) How do you charge the iphone in the car if the module is plugged in and your going for a long journet?

Anonymous said...

Hi, are all the apps from App Store using GPS are running with this device (i.e. PathTracker...)? thx

Anonymous said...

my order number is 479, i put my database number in the comments. will my ordernumber eventually be updated to reflect my database number?

Anonymous said...

what day is it today..?

Yeah.. its 22nd October 2008..

Will the units be Sent out soon..?!!

How will you be sending the unit..? by courier services..?
i hope its bubblewrapped.

jacob said...

thank you for the information , have provided a good information about gps, recently i have come across a information that gps si being provided on rent i got this information form

DNKROZ said...

Hi, ordered mine on the 19th of October, db number 148, can't wait to get it here :)

Good luck with the shipments, don't stress yourself too much ;)


Anonymous said...

I have been checking on the Xwaves site.. where do i go to download the software.. it doesn't really have a direct link that download the software.. erm.. and how do we installed it on the ipod touch.. a step by step guide would be appreciated.. since i am pretty new to this..


Unknown said...

In one of the older posts, someone posted a link to a guide. It's not very difficult. You can add the repository of Xwaves to cydia or installer, and then you can install the xGPS application.

The xGPS application only works when it detects a GPS, so unless you have already received your unit, you can't do much with it... yet

Anonymous said...

Could someone upload a video about how does it work with the xwaves software?

Anonymous said...

Here a link to the video :

Enjoy !

P.S. : I already have a guide showing how to install the xGPS software from any jaibroken iphone ipod touch and will soon post another link for the first run of xGPS with the module and how to use it.

Alban said...

For those who are looking to install the xGPS software check the link below :

I'll add this weekend the guilde about using xGPS with the module and all the basic operations (downloading maps, using offline mode, etc ...).

Anonymous said...

In your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, run Cydia

xGPS should then show up as an installable App in Cydia.

GPS said...

@james: once I get more time (things are SO busy now) I will shoot another video.

@ghost: API is quite simple. The module sends out standard NMEA commands over the serial port, so anyone who knows how to access a serial port can write apps for the module.

1) guide will be prepared once things quiet down. One good guide is posted here: here. You will have to wait for the next xGPS release which will have official support for the iGPS360 module. Coming soon...

2)xGPS software uses Google maptiles. The module will not work with the on the iPhone/iPod Touch as this app requires internet access.

3)There is a USB plug on the bottom of the module through which you can charge. You will need a iPhone/iPod compatible charger for it.

@adrian: Apple does not allow dock connector access in the SDK and as such you can not use AppStore apps with the application (yet). Apple's policy could change in the future.

@happyjam64: your order number stays the same, but we have a reference table between order number and pre-order database number, so no worries. If you have paid, your pre-order number is active.

@ian: another post is coming soon up addressing shipping.

@jacob: I am not clear what you mean by rent? The iGPS360 module is sold as a standalone module to go with your iPhone/iPod Touch. GPS satellite signal is free, not monthly charges.

@dnkroz: thanks for note. Yes, I have been busy non-stop since last Thursday. Thanks for the reminder to not stress it too much. Will try to. I have barely had time to do my Falun Dafa meditation exercises either which are perfect for relieving stress.

@ian: see my comment above for a PDF guide.

@tom: thanks for helping with feedback :)

@anonymous: look back through some of the older posts on the blog or look on YouTube and search for pmgriphone videos.

@alban: thanks for helping with feedback :) and helping out with manuals.

@anonymous: same here. Thanks for giving your feedback to others.

Anonymous said...

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Franky said...

"@adrian: Apple does not allow dock connector access in the SDK and as such you can not use AppStore apps with the application (yet). Apple's policy could change in the future."

Hello !

Im planning to buy this module. And Adrian's question was important for me, as wel as your reply.
Apple now accepts foreign dock devices to access the iPod / iPhone possibilities, with the 3.0 software update. I just wanted to know if thisGPS module in the near future will be able to locate me under the "Around me" app, for an exemple..?
Would it require a new iGps 360 module, or simply a software update ?


Best regards,


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Ricky_Mehra said...

nice :)
i am looking forward to mine!!
if you order a gps module, is there allready a usb cable included?
thx from belgium!!

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