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Thursday, October 2, 2008


It's been a while and you probably have been wondering what is going on. Well, here is the latest update:

  • PCB panels/boards
    Last week I received the first PCB panel with 100 boards on it (see photo above). As some small changes were made compared to the previous revision, I wanted to make sure that the panels are fully functional before committing them to production. I separated two boards from the 100pcs panel and built a module with one of the GPS engines that I still had available. Everything turned out to be working great.

  • GPS engines
    The GPS engines also arrived last week and in order to make sure everything is OK with them as well, I assembled the second PCB board (from above) with the new production GPS engine. And guess what, everything is working as it is supposed to work.

  • Antennas
    The antennas shipped a bit earlier as expected and arrived just today. I will do an inspection of them and then they will be delivered to production.

  • Housing
    Last Friday, I also got the second set of samples of the housing. The logos are nicely touched up now and have a smoother finish than the rest of the housing, so they look really nice. Some other small things were not taken care of properly however and the mold will need another round of touch-ups. I am currently waiting for this new set of samples (expected tomorrow) before I can give the final approval to run production quantities.

  • Online store/shopping cart
    I have almost completed the online shopping cart, but still have some issues with properly integrating PayPal into the checkout procedure. I hope to fix those in the upcoming few days. Once that is done, the shopping cart will go online. For all of you who are curious, I will keep you guessing at what other items will be in the store besides the GPS module...

  • Shipping and handling
    I have also been getting ready to prepare for shipping of the modules to you. It's amazing how much overhead is involved in all this, from searching for envelops, labels, postage equipment, printing supplies to actually ordering all of them, both for domestic US shipping and international shipping. I hope I have got everything covered now.

The first fully assembled production parts are expected to become available next week. After that, each module will be fully tested before it is shipped out. The estimated date for shipping of the first modules will be around October 15.

As soon as modules come out of production and are tested, they will be shipped subsequently. Note that testing and shipping is going to take up most of my time starting next week, thus please understand that there can be some lag between the time you place your order and the time the module is actually shipped (as tested modules become available bit by bit from production). Once your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email.

Paid orders will be handled in sequence of how they are stored in the database. As of today, there will be enough units available in this first production run for everyone who has currently signed up on the pre-order list.


Anonymous said...

Any software updates?

Anonymous said...

just hope that your paypal account accept credit cards.. as we don't get paypal over here in Malaysia..

Pls...pls. get software running with it as well..

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see an update!
Will we be contacted once we can order?

J D said...

Argh! I hope you'll have more left over! I won't have any surplus capital until the end of November :/

GPS said...

@anonymous: regarding software, xWaves just released the new xGPS version. We will be working together and the iGPS360 module will work with their new xGPS software.

@ian: yes, you can either pay through PayPal with a debit/credit card (no account) or with a PayPal account.

@koen: please keep an eye on the blog and your mailbox to see when the online store is up and running.

@j.d.: yes there is still left over from this first run. If it sells out quickly, I will try to make another run before Christmas. It all depends on demand.

Jade Star said...

Any plans to patch this into the iphone 2.1 firmware GPS stuff so that we may use many of the apps which are looking for location information?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a price estimation?

Unknown said...

I would also like to know if this will work with the iPod Touch 2.1 in the near future.

J D said...

@aaron: if by that you mean "a first generation iPod touch running 2.1 software," there is no reason this wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

i wonder wat other goodies ur gonna have availbe?

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I was just wondering whats the minimum iphone firmware requirement for the IGPS360 software to work. I am currently on 1.1.4...

Alban said...

Ok. With a little delay the xGPS "How to" in on his way.
What will be included in this document will be :
- how to add the correct repo for the software,
- what software to install,
- how to configure the software
(currently for a Hollux 1200 module)
- how to download the maps you need
(based on my experience)
- and finally the tricks for an easy use of your GPS solution :)

A link is to come in the next few hours if the webmaster allow me to do so. :)

P.S. : Could you please tell me what will be the GPS to choose (between xGPS, iGPSD or iPhone 3G GPS) to get xGPS to work with your soon to be released module ?

Anonymous said...

For widest possible adoption, this device should give location data to the iPhone OS so that other location aware apps that are currently out there and will be written in the future can use them.

Most people want more than a moving map.

GPS said...

@jordana: this would involve to redirect certain location framework calls. It would require low-level system information on how the location services work, which is not easy to find out.

@anonymous: the price is $75 + shipping.

@aaron: if you are referring to the new iPod Touch, it hasn't been jailbroken yet and as such the module can not be used yet as it requires custom software to be installed. If you are referring to firmware 2.1 on a first generation iPod Touch, j.d. answered your question.

@ericg: just wait a little longer :) Mainly for the hobbyists among us.

@alban: the current version of xGPS will work with any GPS module set at a baudrate of 19200 (that includes the iGPS360 module). There will be official support coming in xGPS for the iGPS360 module so as to take advantage of its 5Hz update rate. Feel free to post your link. Maybe I will use it as a basis for an official manual ;-)

@anonymous: see my comment @jordana. Third party developers can always develop other software to be used with the iGPS360 module (they just won't be available through the AppStore as Apple won't allow access of the serial port). Just get the word out of what kind of apps with GPS you would like to see.

Alban said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alban said...

I just have translated my howto install the GPS software to english.

Ok, I'm french and my english is a little rusty, please forgive me :)

The xGPS software configuration guide is on his way.

Anonymous said...

Hi! How many modules are you producing in the first run?
(I've just ordered one today :P)

Alban said...

A thousand have been put in production. Should be enought for the first run :)

I'm currently trying to get more and more people interrested in that module in France :)

Anonymous said...

is that 1000 models for the I gps 360? really hmmm i maybe getting more than one if this is true.....

GPS said...

@anonymous, @ericg: the first production run is 1000 modules. If they go very fast, there might be just enough time to do another run before Christmas, so tell your friends and family :-)

Unknown said...

I'm curious. When your module ships, will the GPS software be ready?