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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Software partnership

Orange Gadgets and xWaves have formed a partnership for distributing and developing software and hardware for a GPS solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Orange Gadgets will focus on hardware development and volume production of the iGPS360 module and will develop software utilities specific to the GPS functionality of the iGPS360 module. This software will be bundled with Xwaves' xGPS navigation software.

Xwaves will focus on development of the xGPS navigation software and implement full support for the iGPS360 module. Xwaves will also become a European distributor for the iGPS360 module.

With our combined efforts we hope to bring you the best GPS application and utilities for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Note that Orange Gadgets will be handling the first production run orders for all people that have signed up on the pre-order list. The online store will go live later today so keep an eye on your mailbox and the blog.

Based on feedback from the housing supplier, the expected ship date as of now for the first modules will be 10/22/2008. Depending on what your database entry number is, your unit could ship at a later date.

Brief update (midnight 10/15/08): I am still working on properly securing the online store so it will be a little longer. I will post a new post once everything is ready to go. Thank you for your patience.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to save street maps, it's really handy when there is no WiFi availability.

Unknown said...

Hi and congrats for the partnership !
One question as I live in Europe and signed for the 1st round of production : I understand you said you'd be taking care of that round but would it be cheaper for us european to wait for xWave to sell it in order to reduce shipping cost ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

GPS said...

@anonymous: yes, the xGPS software downloads maps to the iPhone/iPod Touch for offline use.

@vincent: for the first production run, Orange Gadgets will be handling all the pre-orders. This is to be fair to all the people who signed up a long time ago so they won't loose their spot in the queue.

Shipping and handling to Europe from the U.S. will be $8.99 for a single unit (additional shipping cost after the first unit is $3.00 per additional unit).

We are still working out the details with Xwaves. Xwaves hasn't placed a bulk order yet, and so they don't have any modules in stock yet to ship. Once they place a bulk order, that order will enter the pre-order list after all of the current orders already on the list (so nobody gets bumped from his current database entry number). So xWaves would get their first modules towards the end of this first production run which is going to be a couple of weeks away from October 22.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have signed for a module early in Aug and waiting eagerly. Congrats on your partnership with xGPS.

I live in MiddleEast and i am proceeding to India for my vacation from 20th Nov. Could you let me know if i have to give my shipping address for the ME or for India. Let me know approx cost of shipping to these two places.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hey. i got a question gps. I only have a 4GB iPhone and i was wondering how much room the maps will take. I've got tons of apps from the apps store and I could give u a few songs.

Mayday said...

Hey and Congratz !!

Did you decide what will be the cost for pre-registered units ?
Furthermore, what are the shipping cost expected for five units sent to Israel ?

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Pete said...

Thhank you for sharing this