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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First 120 modules have shipped

This is a brief update to let you know we are working hard on clearing the backlog on all placed orders.

As of Tuesday November 5, 2008, we have shipped ~120 modules (a total of 114 orders) out of the 320 modules that have been paid for.

Based on the number of modules shipped since last week, we can say that on average we are able to handle/ship about 20 modules per day. As such it will take another 2-3 weeks till we catch up on all orders that have been placed till now. For more specific details, please read on:

All people that had signed up on the pre-order list before the online store opened (it opened on October 16, 2008) and who have paid for their order before our first ship date (which was October 27, 2008) have had their order processed and shipped.

We have completely processed all orders that were placed on October 16, 2008.

  • Orders for 10/16/2008: 12 orders placed, 12 orders shipped.

The following orders are our next priority:
  • Orders for 10/17/2008: 50 orders placed, 31 orders shipped, 19 orders still to be filled.

  • Orders for 10/18/2008: 67 orders placed, 20 orders shipped, 2 orders canceled, 45 orders still to be filled.

  • Orders for 10/19/2008: 51 orders placed, 21 orders shipped, 1 order canceled, 29 orders still to be filled.

  • Orders for 10/20/2008: 31 orders placed, 12 orders shipped, 1 order canceled, 18 orders still to be filled.

  • Orders for 10/21/2008: 19 orders placed, 12 orders shipped, 7 orders still to be filled.

To fill all orders that were placed on the above dates, will take a little over a week.

If you placed an order on October 16, 2008 and have not received a notice that your order has shipped, please email us at

For all other orders, please remain patient. Once we finish the next couple of dates, we will make another entry on the blog to keep you updated.

Also, if you have run out of patience and would like a refund, please contact us directly at It is quickest to resolve this directly with us as we can refund your money the same day instead of going through PayPal.

We are also trying to get in touch with a few customers who have not responded to our emails (make sure to white-list the domain). If your order or customer number is below, please contact us as soon as possible at to resolve some issues with shipping:
  1. Order id: 395, Customer id: 294
  2. Order id: 245, Customer id: 191

For all technical support for the the module, please email


Anonymous said...

be patient people! just got mine #17/81,

what a nice little dong! wow!

anybody knows? will I be able use topo maps with it?

Anonymous said...

In my case is: "10/21/2008 Processing   10/25/2008 Processing Database entry number: 608" which is the date scheduled for delivery?

koRnolio said...

Thanks for the head up, I'm waiting mine... it shipped yesterday, so luckily I'll get it by the end of this week or just the next one.

Thanks a lot for this little device!

Anonymous said...

I've just received my module in Poland, it took just 8 days. Works very well with the iPhone 3G, precision is much better than the built in GPS receiver.

Anonymous said...

TKS for detailed time schedule!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Got mine today in Belgium, was shipped last friday.. so thats 5 days with weekend included..
many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

My order was delivered today - 10 days to get to me in the UK although I suspect that the packet was sitting in the delivery office for at least 2 days as we've had no post at all - we usually get at least one bill or junk mail a day!

Great little device - working really well.


Anonymous said...

What do u know.. its the 10th day.. and i have yet to receive any news of my precious... boohooo... i am so.. so ... worried.. oh.. pls..pls.. let it safely arrive at my doorstep..

a little on the software.. i have downloaded the xGPS software... tried zooming out from its default, and i got a blank screen now.. i can not see any map, at all.

you reckon i should re-download it again..?

Anonymous said...

ian, if you downloaded maps using their download tool, make sure that you mark the uploaded map on your iPod as writable. I found this out after having confusion with it not loading any new map data, however once done it all works fine

Very happy with my GPS module tho :) received my shipping notice on friday last week, and it was at the post office on tuesday this week waiting for me :)

Anonymous said...

I should note, my shipping was to Australia as well :)

Unknown said...

Hey Koen,

I live in Belgium too. What shipping option did you choose? I took the cheapest one :p The module was sent on wednesday/thursday, but still no news.

Anonymous said...

Received mine in France !

- Very nice and little !
- Did fix in my house while charging ! Thought not very accurate in house, but great precision outdoors.
- speed in xGPS stay at 0km/h all the time... It was working with iGPSD cable and Holux GPSlim236...
- heading in xGPS should be a little smoothed because it is oscillating slightly, a bit disturbing.

DNKROZ said...

I also have mine! (this one in Spain)

I agree with everything vlad said, it's VERY little indeed, and I also got a fix while charging at home (very unusual), it's quite accurate outdoors.

I noticed too the speed bug in xGPS and the unpolished heading.

It looks VERY promising (hardware is without a doubt great), and can't wait till the iPhone/iPod gets more gps software available :)

Looking forward the keychain addon ;)


Anonymous said...

"All people that had signed up on the pre-order list before the online store opened (it opened on October 16, 2008) and who have paid for their order before our first ship date (which was October 27, 2008) have had their order processed and shipped."

I don't get this sentence from the blog right.

I preordered (#526) back in September, and paid right on the day I got the confirmation that I could order now (October 19th). Ordernumber was:#314, Customernumber:#242

But till now, I didn't get a confirmation about shipping. As stated above I already should have?

Greets from Germany,


Unknown said...

just got mine in ireland! its amazingly good! really small!


Anonymous said...

hey tom
I also had the cheap shipping ;)
Fast, without a problem!
Accuracy in open space is good.
But in the narrow streets of ghent, its difficult to get a lock...
Tom, let me know how it works..

Anonymous said...

Skye - how do i mark my ipod as writable..? don't seem to see such options in the settings..

appreciate the help.

Anonymous said...

assuming that this is the problem (you had downloaded maps using the PC download tool, and then transferred to your ipod/iphone afterwards)

login to your device with WinSCP, browse to your maps file in "/private/var/mobile/library", right-click on the xGPS_map.db file and select Properties, and at the bottom under Permissions, tick all the boxes for W, and then press OK

J D said...

Any chance of an update regarding the software? xGPS is still quite immature.

Anonymous said...

xGPS no longer works due to a Google Maps update. Does that make the iGPS360 useless until xGPS is updated? Is there alternate software that works with iGPS360?

Unknown said...

xGPS software is updated. I haven't tested it yet. But yesterday, even with the bug, I could see that everything was working. I drove home, and I saw my position move on the map.

If you install the newest version, I think you will be quite happy with it. Turn-by-turn directions are still missing, but he is working on it.

Jay's Blog said...

please excuse my ignorance..;-) but i got my module downloaded the latest xgps software with the bug fix, plugged it in and it gets a GPS lock, get the green GPS arrow and the Green GPS signal at the top right hand corner and the speed on the bottom left.

But i get a grey background and no map. What i'm i doing wrong, do i have to go to receive maps to get maps, do i need to browse the maps in google map and those then get stored? Any simple way of getting maps onto the phone will help

Jay's Blog said...

ok so i managed to get the maps working but are these stored on the iphone now, what happens if you do not have internet connectivity can you still get the maps that are downloaded and does that mean i select offline mode?

Anonymous said...

thanks, keep up the good work!!!

it works really well

Anonymous said...

hmmm... anyone in Asia bought a unit..?

Anonymous said...

YEE HAR..!!! i have just received mine...

the long wait is over.. now..i have to wait for another 24 hours before i could start using it.. hmmm...

Thanks GPS...

Anonymous said...

Just received it here in Belgium. Works great, locks GPS signal even in-house, which is at par with my Garmin Edge 705.
A bit too soon to report back on battery usage but it looks promising.
Works well with the xGPS software, although the map is shaking around when map auto-rotation is on. Same for the speed which jumps up and down a bit. I'm sure these guys get that one under control.
Anyway, a big thanks to Orange Gadgets and it was worth the wait. This is a real upgrade to my Iphone 2G.

Anonymous said...

@GPS, what about the icontrolpad?

koRnolio said...


I would like to know if there is a way to download another type of maps on the xGPS soft, instead of Google Maps, since Google Maps in my location (Argentina) is not currently fully functional.
Could I download or maps? They are really complete and accurate.
Or any other type of map instead of google maps?

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks for your support!

Anonymous said...

Just got mine too in Cyprus.
I'm REALLY interested in using Openstreets map as they are really accurate.Anyone?

Unknown said...

I just received mine, and I'm confused as to how to get this thing up and running. Is there a page that explains it somewhere? Or am I missing something? I guess I'm not the tech wizard that everyone else apparently is.

Also - does anyone know if the unit works on the 2.1 iphone firmware? I'm tempted to update before getting this up and running.