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Monday, November 10, 2008

Diligently making progress...

This is the latest update on clearing the backlog for placed and paid orders. We are happy to announce that we are swiftly catching up on the backlog.

As of today, we have shipped 195 orders (over 200 modules have been shipped).

We have completely processed all orders that were placed on:

  • Orders for 10/16/2008: all orders shipped.
  • Orders for 10/17/2008: all orders shipped.
  • Orders for 10/18/2008: all orders shipped.
If you have placed an order on any of the above dates and not received a shipping notice by email (check your spam-box as well), please contact us as soon as possible (please include your Order id and Customer id).

The following orders are in the process of being handled next and we expect them to be shipped by the end of this week (so please keep an eye on your mailbox in case we have questions on your order):
  • Orders for 10/19/2008: 15 orders still to be filled.
  • Orders for 10/20/2008: 17 orders still to be filled.
  • Orders for 10/21/2008: 7 orders still to be filled.
  • Orders for 10/22/2008: 9 orders still to be filled.
  • Orders for 10/23/2008: 9 orders still to be filled.
  • Orders for 10/24/2008: 5 orders still to be filled.
  • Orders for 10/25/2008: 5 orders still to be filled.
We expect to have filled ALL paid orders up till 11/09/2008 by the end of next week.

If you placed an order, please make sure to also check your spam-box/bulk mailbox as sometimes our emails (sent from end up there for no good reason. It is best if you can white-list any emails you get from the above address.

We are also still trying to get in touch with a few customers who have not responded to our emails. If your order or customer number is below, please contact us as soon as possible at to resolve issues with the shipping address/method and to avoid further delay:
  1. Order id: 395, Customer id: 294

For all technical support for the the module, please email


koRnolio said...
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koRnolio said...

I just got mine yesterday!! :D
Thanks a lot for this little device, it will help me a lot.
Now I'll see what it has to offer, once it's fully charged, of course.

Do you guys happen to know if I could use openstreetmaps on the xGPS soft? Google maps sucks in Argentina.

Thank you once again!
Good luck with the rest of the items!

Vik said...

Unfortunately I had to pay 15$ more to the courier... anyway.. it's charging now, I tried a lock: in my room it doesn't work, but in the garden it's quite good.. Actually I've just seen the green arrow on a grey background 'cus even if I've downloaded the maps twice, still it doesn't download anything of the selected region.. Boh

Anonymous said...

I received my module today in Doha, State of Qatar in the Middle East. It is working very well.

Thank you pmgr for a great product.

FastBlinker Calamity said...

Mine got delivered yesterday won't get to see the damn thing or play with it until the middle of December though :( Hope the package isn't empty when I get there.

GPS said...

@kornolio: I'll check with Xwaves to see what their plan is regarding that.

@vik: What country are you in and why did you have to pay the courier? All postage is completely paid for when the package is delivered to the post office here in the US. There should be no additional charges for the recipient.

Anonymous said...

What about the icontrolpad?

GPS said...

@anonymous: the iControlPad manufacturer ( is still working on the iControlPad and they haven't released a date for when it will be officially available.

koRnolio said...

Hi GPS, I have a question.
On this post:

You were able to show your location under Google Maps, how could I do the same with the 2.1 firmware? are there any tools out there I need to download?

It's just that for my country (Argentina) the Google Maps is not functional at all, that's why I used the GMDL to download "OpenStreetMap" and copy the map on my iPhone.

It would be great if I could check where am I on the Google maps! :D

Thanks for your time once again!

Anonymous said...

thanks already I arrive the igps 360 tested functioning perfectly thanks from Catalonia

Anonymous said...

Hello from Greece,

i received my iGPS360 module on Friday. I tested it on Saturday and i must say that is very accurate plus it couldn't look any better.
Great work!

One question though, is anyone out there in firmware 1.1.4 still, cause i am and i used to test the module. The view on map button drops the pin at exactly where i am every time! But the doesn't stay up for long, it crashes back to summerboard after seconds or sometimes 1-2 minutes of using the app. Tried permissions on the app plus the tty.iap and cu.iap but no good.
Any clue or suggestions out there?

Thank you in advance.

Unknown said...

A question to GPS and others buyers from Spain :
- Does anyone in Spain has received its module ?

Mine has been sent on Oct 30th, and nothing has arrived here yet... Should I start to worry ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Vik said...

I live in Italy and I think I've paid the transport and the I.V.A. on the transport of the package, maybe because I'm outside US... anyway I managed to get the maps working and I also tried the module during a trip, so it works well... thanks again..

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I just want to ask if someone from Germany has ordered a module too and how long it took undtil the delivery arrived. My module was shipped last Friday (7th Nov.). I just can't wait until this nice little gadget arrives here ;-)!
Again, thanks a lot to the team of OrangeGadgets!

Anonymous said...

I just receive xGPS in ITALY, in next 24 hours I will come with feedback

DNKROZ said...

@ Vincent

Yo recibí el módulo sobre el día 5 de este mes, pasó por aduanas pero no tuve que pagar nada, por lo que es probable que se tire allí hasta 15 días si se te da mal, paciencia. No obstante yo pagué el envío caro.

El módulo funciona bien, no obstante el software tiene algunos bugs que están revisando, como el que haya un retraso de entre 4 a 5 segundos desde que el GPS registra algo hasta que lo muestra el soft, un lag vamos.

@ Vincent

I got the module around the 5th of current month, it got through customs but I didn't have to pay a thing, but it can take up to 15 days if you are not lucky, so patience. Anyway, I got the deluxe shipping.

Module works fine, however the software has some bugs they are working on, as the 4 to 5 seconds lag from the GPS registering something till it's shown in the software.


Unknown said...

@GPS / DNKROZ : Module was in today's mail !!!
It's SO small... Excellent job !!!!

Plugging it right now and let's start the 16 hours charge...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous in Germany:

I got shipping confirmation on October, 30th. I'm still waiting for it. Maybe it got stuck at the customs office.

Anonymous said...

OK everything works great now.If only we had an Openstreetsmap support....thanks anyway

J D said...

PmgR: Any chance of and that other one I don't remember the name of being ported anytime soon?

If someone wants to give us the source code, Jay Freeman should have his Debian package for the jailbroken SDK ready soon.

Unknown said...

I just got mine - although I'm at a loss as to how to get it to work. I guess I'm not as tech savvy as everyone else here.

Is there instructions on how to get this thing up and running?

Also, anyone know if it will run on 2.1 firmware? I'm thinking of updating my phone before trying to figure this stuff out.

Anonymous said...

@Kirk - It works fine with 2.1 firmware.. just make sure you Jailbreak the unit.

The unit works fine... just the software that is worrying.. downloading the map of my area always break off halfway.. not good at all..

Unknown said...

Thanks Ian! Thats great to know!

I'm on OS X (Leopard) To be honest, I'm not even sure where or how to download the software.

Can anyone walk me through the steps for doing this on a mac?

Anonymous said...

I finally receved mine too, but where are the instruction? :-/

GPS said...

@sylko: I will compile a FAQ sometime soon for the website, but here are some initial instructions:

For the module itself, here are some things to check and do to see if it is working properly:

First thing to do: since the module is new, the on board battery is not charged, so make sure you charge it overnight first. It is important to have a charged on-board battery as the module needs to be able to store its acquired satellite data. I assume you have done this.

Next, go outside in a clear and open area. Place your iPhone/iPod facing down (that is, the bottom of the module facing the sky; that is where the antenna is). Stay away from anything concrete. Just let it sit for a few minutes (for clear blue and open sky and surroundings, no trees nearby, etc, the lock should take about 30sec usually). Depending on your local conditions (weather and surroundings, your body, hands, etc) it might take longer, up to minutes, sometimes even more than that since the module has to start from a cold start on first use. If you place the module over the edge of a seat or something, you can look at the LED from the bottom after a few minutes to see if it has changed from flashing red to solid blue. Solid blue means a satellite lock and sensitivity will increase after that.

Once it has locked, leave to module there a little longer (a few more minutes) so it can acquire additional satellite positions which will be stored in memory and maintained by the on-board battery. So the next time you turn on the module the lock will be much faster as the module already has satellite data (unless you let the battery go empty of course or you don't use the module for a long time and the stored satellite data gets outdated; a full battery will last about a week).

For software, make sure you have the latest version of xGPS installed and some maps downloaded for your area. Please read some of the older and newer posts at for more detailed instructions on software and also check these instructions here

In settings choose the iGPS360 option as the GPS to use. Once the module has a satellite lock (see above), in xGPS the red indicator in the top right will change to green and the green arrow in the center of the screen will point at your current location.

Hope this helps a bit.


Anonymous said...

Hi, here you can found first feedback (in Italian) of iGPS360

Anonymous said...


You download xGPS manager
open file "main.class"
Go to the zone that you like to downlaod
Press "add a region"
Press ctrl and tab (you will se a red dot)
After this select 4 angels (red dot's) in the same way
And now you will se red filter on the top of selected area
Now you can press "download select map regions"
After this map will be download you will found in a folder xGPS manager file “xGPS_map.db”
This file you need to put in iphone /var/mobile/Library/

After this you can navigated in off line mode for this selected zone

gregorix said...

After some tries to get the iGPS360 work together with iPod touch 2G the module doesn’t search for satellites anymore.

So I played around with some configurations (xGPS/GPSserial, etc.) and the module indicates always with the red LED that it tries to get a satellite lock after plugin in to the iPod.

Meanwhile the module just shows the blue light without any GPS information.

Does anybody know how to initiate a "cold restart" of the module or have some other idea?

ThanX in advance