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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Confirmed: iGPS360 works with firmware 3.0

This is a brief post to update everyone on the iGPS360 module and 3.0 firmware.

As had already been posted on the previous post by quite a few users, the iGPS360 works with the new 3.0 Apple firmware (thank you community, for bringing this confirming news early for everyone).

I have finally had some time myself to upgrade a 2G iPhone to the 3.0 firmware and I can confirm that the iGPS360 module works fine on the new firmware.

The FAQ and product description on the Orange Gadgets website has now also been updated with this information. An updated section about shipping has also been added to the FAQ.

If you feel anything else needs to be updated or added to the website, please let me know.

I would also like to be able to confirm if any of the AppStore navigation apps works with the iGPS360 module; in particular people have been inquiring regarding G-Map, iDA, Navigon and Navionics.

If you have purchased any of these apps, consider getting in touch with me by email at so that we can officially confirm whether an application works or not.


Anonymous said...

Any news in regard to the compatibility with the navigon software / app ?

please let me know as soon as possible

GPS said...

@anonymous: Yes, the iGPS360 module now works with Navigon as well. You will need to use GPSSerial for it to work. There is still a small bug in GPSSerial which doesn't properly display the speed though, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Very good news!!!!!

Navigon works perfectly!!!
I have a ipodtouch 1 gen, with iGPS360 on 3.0 running Navigon without any problem thanks to GPSserial.

thanks GPS for this great device, and to give us the change to enjoy a gps on our old ipodtouch device.

GPS said...

@anonymous: what version of GPSSerial are you using and where are you located? I am trying to repeat this on a iPhone 2G here in the US with the North America version of Navigon without succes (xGPS does work properly with the iGPS360 and GPSSerial but Navigon isn't).

Rudi said...

I'd be interested in if this works with the Cygic Mobile Maps software for iphone, all maps are on the phone (its just like tomtom)


Anonymous said...

Does this work with golf rangefinder apps like GolfCard or Viewty G?

Anonymous said...

I am Located in Germany. GPSSerial kill the port for other apps, and some times star to go backwards ( and speed) but you live a moment and work good.

I use GPSSerial.1.1 and Navigon 1.0 modificated with out some countries.

Anonymous said...

I got iPod touch 2g JB with navigon north ammerica and I have igps360 + gps serial and nothing doesn't show my lcation I got a red band where is the gps but nothing. any help please