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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't be tempted...

That time has come again..... if Apple's 3.0 firmware upgrade will come out on Monday, June 8 (or any time there-after), I would like to issue a warning....

To make it clear to everyone, if you intend (to keep) on using the GPS module on your iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure NOT TO UPGRADE your iPhone and iPod Touch firmware yet, until we can confirm that the module works on the new firmware.

The same goes for iTunes. Leave it alone till it is confirmed that it is safe to upgrade. The iPhone Dev Team has already posted a warning on their site last week regarding iTunes 8.2, see here

In order to communicate with the GPS module, a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch is required. Upgrading to Apple's official 3.0 firmware will put your iPhone/iPod Touch (temporarily) back into Apple's jail until the iPhone Dev Team has released the new tools to jailbreak the 3.0 firmware.

So if you would like to keep your options open, play it safe. Leave your current firmware and iTunes alone for now and wait till the light turns green.


Anonymous said...

I hope that your team also consider os 3.0 support of the gps module with other appstore apps as well. It is unfair for first generation iphone users to operate the module with xGPS software only.

keep up the good work

Plak said...

I'm furious.I bought a GPS chip that is literally useless.It promised to be the completion of a partial iphone but the only thing it does is pairing with xGPS and that's it.As the title says "Don't be tempted..."

GPS said...

@anonymous and @plak: The mobile substrate hack is still being worked on. A VERY skilled person is working on this (as I ran out of ideas myself) and there is some new progress which looks very promising. I know that all of this has been taking a lot of time, but please be patient. Some things don't get solved overnight and I also don't want to make any false promises.

Now, for this new solution (as is the case with all new solutions), things will not be that stable in the beginning, so please remain patient and understanding once it is released. It is a work in progress.

Vincent said...

@GPS: And you told me to keep my mouth shut... ;-)

Let's hope this will do it as TomTom has just been announced during the WWDC Keynote.
Also iPhone OS3 and its support for external hardware might also help in the future...

Plak said...

Any news from the front?

Nate said...


GPSSerial has been released!

it allows you to use your iGPS360 with App store GPS apps, or!

check it out, it will be in cydia soon. Email me if you want the .deb and know how to install it!'

Support here:

I'm Thehacker123

Christos said...
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Plak said...

@nate or hacker123(from xgps)

Please do e-mail it.


Christos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Plak said...

Finally I got the .deb file from the xgps home page.A little testing has disappointed me but at least it's a start.I'm waiting and hoping for the big update!

Vincent said...

@Plak : .deb is available here :

Just installed it and after a reboot, IDA points me right where I am !!!!!
Looks like we have a winner solution... This is great news !!!!!!!!
(now, I'll give a try to more app store apps to confirm)

If indeed, everything works fine, xGPS devs will receive my donation right away as this piece of software made my iPhone v1 and iGPS360 a perfect match !
Thank you, thank you, thank you !

Christos said...


can you please let me know with the exact procedure you followed.

Also what iphone firmware r u using?


Christos said...

I observed that if you open GPSSerial and set iGPSD as your GPS device, once you close the app it loses the settings. I mean it cannot set the iGPSD as a GPS.

That probably why it does not work on my iphone 2g with the igpsd module from holux.

Vincent said...

@Christos : Seems I've spoken (written) too quickly... I did have a correct position at home, but couldn't get it outside... I'm afraid that, once again, I got positioned by the cell network and not the GPS.

Nonetheless, something is happening as if I try to launch xGPS I get a message telling me that the GPS is already in use.
This message disapear when I select "iPhone 3G GPS" as the GPS to use in the Settings/GPS/ menu

Christos said...


I managed to get the iDA working with the igpsd module. Just did everything from the beggining and now it works as a charm. The module now works with other appstore apps as well.

Considering the xGPS use, I saw in some posts that we have somehow to kill GPSSerial prior to operating the xGPS software.

Good luck!

Vincent said...

@Christos: How did you install the .deb file ?

Looks like my problem comes from here... Are you supposed to have an icon for this program or is it just a daemon running on the background ?

Christos said...


Once you install it and reboot, the icon does not appear. Only if you resping you will se the icon. But I think once you set it up, it is deamon constantly running in the backgound. I mean that you cannot open the icon and do shut down GPSSerial.

Anonymous said...

to use xgps software just set "internal 3g gps" from settings... because now it's just like having a 3g. congratulations to who made it, now i have nothing to envy to 3g!

Christos said...

I have a question to all the beta testers,

It seems to work on some appstore apps,
but it does not show speed in none of the app store apps. Correct me if I am wrong.

Also the iDA software does not show speed, and it is dead slow. I am way passed a crossroad, when the voice says turn......

I am using iphone 2G, with igpsd module from xwaves store.


Christos said...

Dear all,

xGPS, GPSSerial, iDA,

all tested and working on iphone os 3.0.

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

i installed gpsserial - rebooted - opened the gpsserial - choosed igpsd and entered my serial number. afterwards other apps worked well with my holux 236 ext. gps. but only the first time. once i choose an other source in gpsserial app, i’m not able to switch back to igpsd…!? the only solution at the moment is reinstalling gpsserial app, reboot, and begin with the prescribed procedure from above… any ideas? does someone else have the same issue?

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