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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second production run has started

Amazingly, we are right on schedule for the second production run of hte iGPS360 module :-)

The remaining parts for the second run arrived this week:

  • The new batch of GPS engines arrived on Tuesday and just to make sure everything is OK with them, I built another GPS module by hand with a freshly arrived GPS engine. My startup experience has taught me that it is always a good habit to check what your suppliers provide you with as everyone can make mistakes. The hand-built module worked flawlessly.

  • New PCB boards for manufacturing were delivered on Wednesday.

  • I picked up a new batch of housings today. Due to the relatively large screening-out that I had to do last time, the housing manufacturer layer packed the housings with foam this time. I just finished inspection of the bottom part of the housing and things are looking good so far.

The first batch of assembled PCB boards is expected to be ready for testing by the end of next week. The first fully assembled and completely tested modules are expected to be ready for shipping around May 15th.

As you might also have noticed, I have cleaned up the poll from the left hand side of the blog as I am preparing for a new poll regarding the next potential product that I have in mind. I'll keep you guessing in the meantime what that might be... Feel free to post your wishes!


Anonymous said...

Any news on connecting the igps360 with AppleStore Apps?

Once this is settled, I will defenitly purchase one and I am sure your sales will rise since it will open to a whole new % of users.

Good Luck!!!

GPS said...

@anonymous: there is a little bit of progress on the MobileSubstrate plugin. I have been playing around with it for a long time now, logging events and calls. It seems the main problem is that the CoreLocation framework stops sending location updates to apps after a short time, which means apps don't get triggered by new location information. The question is why this is happening and if there is a way to force the framework to send another location update, or, to fake an update and notify the app in some way of that fake update.

Anonymous said...

The following are some sites that may be able to help fix your CoreLocation framework problem:


Good Luck!

- Eddie

Anonymous said...

Last link:


Anonymous said...

ok rather than finding a way to get gps data to an existing appstore app why not crack the apps themselves to work with the gps module and put them on cydia? it seems a little easier.... if not a little illegal

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a GPS module for my iPod Touch 2g. I live in Argentina, can you tell me:
a) module and the shipping cost?
b) estimated time of delivery?
Thanks in advance!

Antoine said...

Can I already sign in to get one of your next production ?

GPS said...

@anonymous: the module is $75 and shipping is either $18.99 (uninsured registered mail, 2 weeks) or $32.49 (insured express mail, 5-10 days).

@antoine: the Orange Gadgets website is being updated right now. Once that is done, you can place an order online again. Modules are expected in the week of May 18, 2009.