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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking for distributors

All the preparations for the second production run are in full swing. Purchase orders have been placed and the new production run is scheduled to start in the week of April 20.

There are currently only 85 iGPS360 modules left for sale and if you wish to get yours without having to wait for the new run, you have to be quick. Once these 85 modules have sold, there could be some time that no modules are available till the modules from the second production run come in (most likely in the week of May 11).

In order to take of some of the work of my shoulders that comes with all of the order processing, I am looking for distributors all around the world who would like to resell the iGPS360 in their respective countries/areas.

There will be some requirements if you wish to become a distributor, but overall it should be a pretty straight forward job.

Most importantly, your relationship as a distributor with Orange Gadgets will need to be based upon mutual trust and truthfulness. I still believe in the honor system where people will actually do what they say they will do :-). I put a high value on ethics and morality in general and especially when I conduct business and I expect the same from a distributor.

In addition, customer service is very important and if your customers contact you for questions regarding their orders, you should respond to them promptly. The distributor-customer relationship should likewise be based on trust and honesty. This is how you make, keep, and bring in new customers for your business.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, send a brief email to with some background information about yourself, any previous experience in distributing (not required), experience in setting up an online shopping cart (or any other way you wish to sell the module) and of course your full contact information.

The minimum order quantity for a distributor will be 10 modules and you should at least have an iGPS360 module yourself so you know its features and how it works.

Please only inquire if you are seriously interested in becoming a distributor. Processing, handling and shipping orders in a timely manner will require effort and dedication from your side.


Unknown said...

Damn, I just upgraded xGPS maps this morning, without knowing there was a bug for the iGPS360 module :(

You should create a twitter account, and put these kind of important messages on twitter :)

Anonymous said...

The www site seems to be having reported SSL problems. Something about a security cert having problems.

GPS said...

@Tom: Xwaves has corrected the bug now and says, "... the bug was actually because a lot of processing tasks have to be made at each pos. update and your GPS deliver position information incredibly fast so there was an overflow of information and thus a huge lag which can be percepted as freeze."

It might take a couple of hours for it to show up on Cydia.

@anonymous: If a certificate warning appears when you try to access the Orange Gadgets Online Store, you can "add an exception" or click "accept" or something similar with respect to the certificate security notice. The certificate is from who is our web-provider so it is perfectly fine to add the exception (your security is not compromised). Actual payment for your order is done on PayPal's website (either with credit card or PayPal account). We are currently in the process of getting our own certificate such that the warning will disappear in the near future. We are planning on switching over after the first production run modules are sold out.

Plak said...

So, we have to forget any mobile substrate trick and wait when and if the xGPS is developed in an actual GPS app.The other options for our little passion will be just a dream...

GPS said...

@Plak: Regarding the mobile substrate trick, I have been picking my brain over it trying to find what needs to be done. I suspect it to be something simple I am overlooking to get the location to update automatically... I was hoping on some more community support of developers who might know what needs to be done to get it working. Maybe you can lend a helping hand and search on some of the forums?

Regarding other apps, I have been contacting a few app companies about implementing code to make their app compatible with the iGPS360 module. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any responses back besides an acknowledgement of my request saying they will need to have an engineer look at it...

One of the reasons I hope to free up some of my time by getting distributors so I can spend time on programming. Maybe I should make a serious effort in getting together a team of a few serious app developers who want to work on developing new apps for the module. They could then optionally sell them on Cydia so they will actually get something back for their hard work. Volunteers out there?

Skye said...

From what I have read of the next iPhone/iPod firmware, it will allow applications to access devices (e.g. iGPS360) that are connected to the dock connector.

This would allow a lot of app-store apps to be updated to provide access to the iGPS360, so I certainly hope a lot of apps take this up. A bit of marketing and a few apps that support it, and you could probably get a decent number of these sold to non-jailbroken device owners (iPhone 2G and iPod touch owners who dont want to JB)