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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sign me up!

Allright! It has taken quite some time (I mentioned that some things were running in the background), but this new website is finally up and running!

I am hereby introducing you to:


The logo in my earlier post is indeed an Orange. Why (an) Orange? Good question... why (an) Apple? Consider it a re-FRESH-ment, something different and FRESH from all the things out there. It also represents the color orange, a color which has left a trace of the history in my own life: it is the color of the dutch Royal House, most dutch sporters play in orange, the Orange is orange, and Orange Gadgets is located in Orange County...

With respect to the logo for the GPS module, I'll let the module speak for itself: "i (I) GPS 360 degrees or all-(a)round". The 360 degrees signifies that the gadgets we will bring to market can find application all-around.

So much for the logos. I hope you like them!

Regarding the website, I have incorporated a sign-up form on the site where you can sign up for the GPS module. Please only sign up if you are serious about buying one or more GPS modules. All data is logged into a database and will be used to determine future production quantities and to contact you once the modules are available for sale.

Since I have only done limited testing on the site so far with only a few different browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer and iPhone Safari), please provide me with feedback on any broken links or other things that might not be functional.



Anonymous said...

Now that i have signed up for this.. yipee.. hopefully it will be out by October..

It would be great if you could furnish me with the software that works with it..

how and where do i check whether there are maps out there for the country i am in that works with IPOD Touch..?

J D said...


Edge of my seat over here, PmgR. Edge of my seat. :)

Unknown said...

Congrats !

I just hope you won't run in legal problems with the name of your company... You know how big companies can be "picky" when you get to close from their names/products (of course, I'm not speaking of "Apple" but "Orange" the telco, and official dealer of the iPhone in France and other countries)

BTW, I applied for 1 module !

Anonymous said...

I have a GPS system on my car bought from and it really has helped enormously in finding new locations. I found this blog most interesting as I didn’t realize all of the wide range of applications out there today for GPS technology

Pat said...

The new site looks good. I have been following you blog for a few months now. I signed up for a pre-order. Keep up the great work and thanks!

Alban said...

As usual :)
I've been waiting for the release and all the stuff coming with for a good time now.

Hopefuly the name is Orange Gadgets :) And not just only Orange. That last one would have been a problem in France as Vincent said :)

Anyway ... Can't wait :)

Unknown said...

Have you figure it out how to keep the line out audio on when gps is transmitting?