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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Micro USB cable samples have arrived!

I have received three samples of the USB-A to micro USB-B cable. The cables are 6ft long which should be plenty to hook up to your module from wherever you want. I have already tested all three cables with my modules and they are performing fine, including syncing of the iPhone from iTunes.

I will give you a brief progress update so you know where we are at:

  • Housing: A housing manufacturer has been found. I have visited him twice and toured the facility and liked what I saw. They have also been very helpful in getting the housing prototypes done. I will be updating the housing design next and after that get a revised quote. Mold making will take 3-4 weeks ARO and then the first parts will be delivered one week after mold approval.

  • PCB board assembly: I have received about half of the quotes that I requested. The remaining ones are expected by the end of this week. Typical lead time for 1000 units is about 4 weeks (this includes PCB fabrication and assembly).

  • PCB board re-spin:Just today I sent out another PCB prototype board design that will address the somewhat lower performance on the last set of prototypes. This board is expected back mid next week. By the end of next week, I should have build another three prototypes with these new boards and have tested them for performance.

  • USB cables: USB cable samples have been received and tested. An order will be placed tomorrow. Lead time is 6-8 weeks.

  • Other: Some other things are running in the background in parallel... I'll keep you guessing at what that may be for now...


J D said...

Excitement! :)

October? Eh? Maybe?

Alban said...

I'm not a blog fan or so. But I must confess that I'm coming on this one everysingle day to see if the little baby is growing :)

Geez ... I just can't wait :)

Right now the only tjhing that bother me is to find a descent map program from my iphone.

I'm looking toward the Open Source Mapping project your linked in a previous post. But the maps for France are really ugly ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Teaser, give us some clues!

Seriously though, this project's coming on great. To reiterate what alban said, bring on the Open Source Mapping to compliment the plug-in.

Dying with anticipation


Anonymous said...

Good work!

Esales said...

Apple has released a beta 2.1 firmware which has a GPS turn by turn application. Since jailbreak is done on 2.0, can you get a hold on this beta firmware and see if your GPS device can integrate with this app. We may still need the maps software maybe something can make it work easier than you had thought about
Post you testing if possible.

J D said...

@esales: Personally, I think that should wait until after the device itself is shipping. We know it'll be possible to use under 2.0 with software other than Apple's, so I wouldn't worry about it too much for now.