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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Return of the Boards (part 3)

As you can see in the photo, the two boards that were sent out a while back have returned!

Also, before we discuss the boards, we hit 1500 votes this week as well (and that despite all the distracting iPhone 3G buzz) !

Regarding the boards, I started assembling one board last Thursday night but ran into problems testing the board. It took me two nights to debug the problem. The boards seem to be oke; the GPS chip I am using is the same as the one on the prototype II boards and it functions there without problems. I suspect the problem is in the GPS chip itself: although all output voltages seem oke, no data is transmitted. I had a spare unit which I tested off the board and this one has the same problem. I will have to contact the manufacturer to see what the problem is and to get functional replacement units.

Well, I guess things can't always go smoothly. I am sure we will recover quickly from this after I get new functional chips. I'll keep you updated once I find out more from the manufacturer. This shows that you always need to double check your suppliers, especially when you are using their latest technology. It also shows that it is a must that every single unit that gets shipped is quality controlled. In fact, I will guarantee that every GPS module that I will ship, will have been inspected and is 100% functional. Or as we say in dutch "De klant is Koning" (literally translated as "The customer is King" :).

In the meantime I have also been working on housing related things this week: I have pretty much completed the 3D modeling of the most important parts on the board (which will be needed to make sure that the housing doesn't interfere anywhere on the inside with the board/components). Also, I have already outlined the housing itself. Detailing of the inside will be next.


Unknown said...

Wow.... That looks good !!!!!!

You're right about quality control. This is a must ! You wouldn't want a single bad unit to ruin the reputation of the whole project.

One technical question I don't remember having seen the answer : Is the GPS chip A-GPS compatible ? Or can you give more details on times needed for fix ?

Anonymous said...

hallo ! dit is wel een goed initiatief wat jij neemt ! echt wel goed :)

maar je moet snel zijn want de tom tom gps aparaten worden steeds goedkopen ik zag er al eentje voor 100€ dusja als het nog zo doorgaat wie gaat er dan nog zo een ship willen voor op zijn iphone
( ik mischien ) maar vele mensen nietmeer

GPS said...

@vincent: I will talk about A-GPS and times to fix in an upcoming post.

Anonymous said...

Looking for a cell phone with GPS capability that gives locations with respect to the military grid reference system (mgrs).