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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone 3G buzz....

After having read some of the discussions on the previous post, I think it might be good to speak some sobering words and try to see things in perspective.

  • The new iPhone is extremely cheap, even cheaper than an 8GB iTouch..... BUT you will have to sign a two year contract with AT&T (see here) for most likely a minimum of $39.99 a month.... or sign and then break the contract and pay the termination fees (probably around $200). So that puts the price tag right back at $399. My guess is that AT&T is subsidizing Apple those $200 for every phone sold.
  • AT&T is still the exclusive U.S. carrier...
  • Rumors are going around that you won't be able to buy an iPhone without signing a contract, either in the Apple Store or the AT&T store (see here)
  • Regarding the iPhone 3G itself, how many of the current iPhone users would actually upgrade to the new model? Most likely those users who are already with AT&T and who are willing to spend the additional $199. I would guess that for most of the hacked phone users (who don't wan't to be with AT&T to start with), dishing out $199 + cancellation fee would be a little over the top.
  • Steve mentioned that around 6 million of the original iPhones were sold. It was estimated that around 750,000-1 million phones were hacked at the end of Jan. 2008 (see here) and maybe it is even up to 20-25% now. How many of these phone users would want a plug-in GPS module? Even at less than 1%, it would be worth to make the effort.
  • Note that even today after the announcement, iPhone users have been voting that they still would like a GPS module.
  • Lastly, don't forget the iTouch users. The iTouch doesn't have GPS (at least for the time being), so who will take care of them?
So to make the story short, I will keep on doing what I have been: working hard to come out with a GPS module for iPhone and iTouch users at an acceptable price and as soon as possible.



Anonymous said...

In the words of our Glorious Imperial Leader:
Prick Chenney "So."

I'll walk a thousand miles to get the new Iphone with gps.

I applaud your effort. However, I've posted several times, you're chance to profit from this excercise is fading FAST.

You need to get this thing out in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Very good!

I'm still waiting for your nice gps-module :-)

Anonymous said...

You are of course right. As an owner of a hacked original iPhone I won't buy a new one soon. I still want GPS. Software support is important, though. I bet there are a lot of developers working on GPS based software now. TomTom just announced their routing software for the new iPhone. Surely someone is working on a Geocaching app right now. A middleware that lets your receiver look like the receiver in the new iPhone would be great.

Anonymous said...

Please contact me regarding compatibility tests of our navigation software with your modules.

Anonymous said...

I also have an "old" iPhone without GPS module, and i probably wont buy a new phone. But i really would like a GPS module. So i hope this modue comes out with good support and for a good price!

Anonymous said...

I am on a hacked 1st gen iPhone. I will very likely buy your GPS Module IF it works with the software that'll be released by TomTom.

If it doesn't, it has to come with a REALLY good Softwre for me to buy it.

thanks for your effort anyway.

Anonymous said...

do u think ur gps module will be compatible with tomtom's sf?tomtom's sf for all other platforms (palm, wm) connects via bluetooth serial port..

Anonymous said...

Great work!

I have one question. When your GPS model is connected to iphone, can iphone be charged in the meanwhile? I mean did you leave a interface in your GPS model which can charge iphone? It is very useful when driving.

Anonymous said...

As he previously said, he studied the case of the "pass thought" interface. He was hesitating between a mini USB and the regular apple dock interface.

Regarding the software, he said that any software able to read regular data from GPS modules will be able to function properly.

Almost no doubt that a TomTom software should be able to get the positioning data from the GPS.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop! Keep on doing what you're doing. I'm not upgrading any time soon and I want your GPS goodness!

Anonymous said...

indeed keep doing your work ! if something like this wille be realeased i will buy it ...

the one who will bring this ons the market .. i will buy it from him :)


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work!

I think that despite the critics, this is a worthwhile project that should be taken through to completion regardless of the iPhone 3G release.

Keep going - We're all just hanging in there until you're able to go into manufacture. I have to congratulate you for being the only project (I think?) that will bring a connected GPS plugin to the Touch and iPhone. Thanks.

@wooky - who are you speaking for? Like many others, I'd love to know what navigation software is in the pipeline for the Touch & iPhone

Unknown said...

I think you should concentrate more on iPod Touch users now.

I'm sure there will be plenty of GPS apps for iPods created - just make sure that these apps will work under iPod Touch thanks to your module!

There's one more thing regarding future iTouch module - it would be great to add a Bluetooth interface to it.
That way one could connect to the Internet (map download!) using cellular phone.

Anonymous said...

i feel ur best option is to get this module ready few weeks apple and at&t might get little softer and start selling iphone 3g just as the original iphone and u will loose many potential buyers...also ur module will work via serial port (which apple does not allow) then y not someone make some hack or something to implement bt serial profile and just use the gps via bt???

J D said...

Bluetooth will not be possible on the iPhone or iPod touch for quite some time, as it requires writing a kernel module that works correctly. That has not proven to be possible yet.

PmgR, you've still got my money as soon as you're ready. I see no reason to upgrade to the 3G iPhone, as the only real feature upgrade compared to what I have now (and can't get) is 3G and my area has no 3G.

GPS said...

@wokky: I send you a message by email. Make sure to check your bulk mail folder in case it ended up there.

@Andy: whether the module works with TomTom depends on whether Apple allows that software to check for NMEA data on the serial port. Alternatively, a hack could be written that dumps the NMEA data to the location based services profile that TomTom will use.

@zhou: as Alban says, the iPhone can be charged through the USB connector on the module.

@marek: the module will work both on iPhone and iTouch. Actually, there is a nice surprise for iTouch users: the module will be 8mm thick, which is exactly the thickness of the iTouch :).

anonymous: I am working as hard as I can. I would like to bring all of you the best module out there and that takes a bit of time to develop, test and manufacture. Whatever Apple will do, I take it lightly. There are already 6 million original iPhones out there without GPS...

Anonymous said...

I would like GPS for my 1st gen iPhone too - soon rather than later please :)

Unknown said...

@GPS : I was checking the "xGPS project" to see how things were going overthere...
Only one comment come to my mind : There's no way xGPS will compete with your project !!!!!!!! (large module, cable...)

Do you have any update regarding future pricing and release date ?

Anonymous said...

wokky ,

I also have interests on your software, can you send us a email ?

Chris Chan

GPS said...

@vincent: no updates regarding price and release date. It will be around end of July or early August and price will be around $70 (unless assembly is going to be more than estimated).