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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GPSSerial version 1.3.3 update

A new post today with an update on the new GPSSerial v1.3.3. The last beta version of GPSSerial v1.3.2 fixed a lot of problems but there were still a few things left to be debugged.

In particular, the following specific fixes were made:

  • The TomTom application would show a grey screen once in a while when not moving. This bug is now fixed and TomTom should work flawlessly. Most major AppStore navigation applications now work with the iGPS360 module. Customers have confirmed operation with Navigon, TomTom, Sygic, Magellan, NDrive and iGo and many more.

  • GPSSerial is now also compatible with the built-in Google Maps application, just start it up and wait until you have a satellite lock and the Google Maps application will point to your current position. This can be useful for people who are connected to the internet while on the road (assuming you have an iPhone) and who don't want to spend any money on a paid navigation application from the AppStore.

The new version can be found in the regular place right here and until it becomes available on Cydia (not sure when) it will need to be installed manually as explained in the link above.

Feel free to leave any feedback on the new version either in the comments for this post or visit the GPSSerial forum with feedback or if you require help.



MacCrow said...


What the possibility to make a photo cam for iPod Touch ? Its possible?


GPS said...

@maccrow: a photo cam is possible of course, it just depends on how much interest there is for it and whether that number is sufficient to cover the costs.

EDUARDO said...

this update eat all the battery life !!!!!

GPS said...

@eduardo: that should not be the case as nothing got changed in that aspect. It might depend on the application. What app are you using?

EDUARDO said...

I have 3.0 firmware, I update to 1.3.3 gpsserial and all work great also maps app. But I notice that my battery was very fast empty, so I charge full and I leave it with out any app on. The battery again was very fast out, so I install 1.3 and all back to normal...

GPS said...

@eduardo: that is odd. If no app is running, GPSSerial is not running either and neither is the daemon. Maybe the serial port/daemon got locked up running for some reason and that got reset after the reboot you did when installing v1.3. You can try re-installing v1.3.3 and then reboot your device and leave it on without any app running to compare.

EDUARDO said...

Dear GPS,

I uninstall 1.3 and install 1.3.3 and reboot.. and the battery life look ok!!!
thank you!!!

Tomorrow I try driving around!!
I love your igps360, I hope to never loss it (it so small..)

thank you very much

iphone said...

is it possible to connect to wireless internet using ipod

GPS said...

@iphone: the GPS module only gives you GPS reception from satellites, no WiFi connection.

Victor said...

what is the repository from cydia to download gpsserial 1.3.3 ??? thanks

Marcelo said...

Dear GSP. I had a problem in using the latest version of the app GPSSerial (1.3.3). I own a 32GB iPod Touch 2G, jailbroken with blackra1n. After installation, I could no longer make downloads via AppStore. I have access to the store, but I can not download any application (free or paid), much less upgrade the applications I have. I had to go back to using version 1.3.2b, which appears to be inconsistent with the Navigon app, but seems to be better than version 1.3 with other GPS applications. I followed correctly the installation instructions, using the MobileTerminal with superuser privileges and then rebooting.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your attention.

GPS said...

@Victor: please see the link in the post for the download of latest version of GPSSerial (it's not in Cydia).

@Marcelo: this is not related to GPSSerial (there is no code related to the AppStore). I have also no problems downloading AppStore apps with the new version. I suggest you try and re-install the latest version and reboot your device. It might have just been a temporary bug with the AppStore itself or your network/login.

GPS said...

@Marcelo: I have looked into your problem a bit more and I was able to reproduce it ;-) It's a permissions problem for some files in the GPSSerial package. A fix is on the way. Stay tuned!

Marcelo said...

Wow, nice GPS. Thank you for your attention. Before I report this problem to you, I did several tests. I got no problems with earlier versions of GPSSerial, but only with version 1.3.3.

Anyway, thanks for the attention again. I will wait for the new version :-)

GPS said...

@Marcelo: I am doing some more testing with respect to firmware. What firmware are you on?

GPS said...

@Marcelo: drop me an email so I can send you a test version that works for me. Although I did fix some file permissions, I am not sure if this was actually the cause. I also removed some other Cydia packages.

Marcelo said...

@ GPS: Can I exchange e-mails with you through support(at) ?

GPS said...

@Marcelo: yes you can use that email. Thanks.

James said...

Ok, so the TomTom US/CAD version got updated to 1.3 last week. I installed the update and everything looked fine. When I started driving, it constantly said "Connect to GPS" at the top and would occasionally flash the gray screen as TomTom 1.2 did with earlier versions of GPSSerial. I will be reverting to TomTom 1.2 until the new 1.3 version is better supported.

Thanks for this though, has saved my ass in many cities :D

Other than that, Navigon, Magellan and TomTom 1.2 work flawlessly. All running on a jailbroken 32GB iPod Touch (3rd Gen) with 3.1.2.

GPS said...

@james: email me at so you can try the 1.3.4 version to see if this problem is fixed. I haven't noticed this problem myself. Anyone else has the same problem with TomTom 1.3?

JLP said...

I have the problem with TomTom 1.3 and GPSSerial 1.3.3 also.

4-5 times per minute, TomTom says, it has lost or has weak signal. But no problem with Navigon 1.4.

I have iP 3Gs 16GB (new iBoot), 3.1.2 FW and 5.12.01 BB.

Matlap said...

As a new user of this fabulous product, I noticed the battery life isn't so long. Some users have problem as far as I can see.

Full to 20% in around 30 minutes :S

Fresh 1.3.3 install but nothing better ...

Else, it works #1 !! :)

Anonymous said...


Does it work with other GPs units? Like a Holux Bluetooth GPS? I noticed that there are only four selections in the menu.


GPS said...

@Matlap: check what else you have running in the background. I get about 3hours of use with display on non-stop on my first gen iPod (known to have battery issues) and almost 5 hours of use on my first gen iPhones. If you have a lot of third party apps installed, make sure things don't keep running in the background as it will eat your battery. Also check your SMS notification settings.

@anonymous: only the four options are supported and main focus is on the iGPS360.

Matlap said...

GPS, Thanks ! I found the problem. In fact, I found the solution of the problem : close the iPhone (if it doesn't work, home + power button) and open again. Don't know why but now it works !

Is it already done or, at least, will it be possible to add a AGPS function to the OrangeGadget iGPS360 ? I don't know how it works .. and no, I don't have any phone contract. Just ask ! :) Thanks ! :)

Grant said...

PLEASE make this update available via Cydia. I can't seem to get it to work with the current instructions (an unable to access memory error appears when trying to execute the file). Please?

Matlap said...


I found another way to install it :

- Find and install iFile (Cydia)
- SSH Upload the file into a directory
- Open iFile, find the file
- Click on it
- Click on install
- And voilĂ  !

Hope it's clear. I don't have it in front of me. If asked, I'll describe in detail ! :)

Frank Tank said...

will you be supporting the iPad now that it has been jailbroken?

GPS said...

@Grant: I'll see if we can get the latest version of GPSSerial on Cydia again.

@Frank: Yes, the iPad is supported. Please see the new post on the blog here

Chris said...

I have the same error like EDUARDO, the GPSSerialDaemon keeps running. I've also wrote about it on the xgps forum

I've removed-rebooted-re-installed,rebooted, removed xgps, but still keeps running. I've re-installed 3.1.3 on my itouch, and started from scratch so no old settings left either.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do. Thanks for a great product though, iGPS360 works great , just that I want to keep some battery while not using the GPS :)

Anonymous said...

Navionics just will not work at the moment with the iPad and GPS360 .

I used the latest .deb file but still end up just off Africa
in the ocean ... i live in London

all help gratefully received to make the ipad an Awesome chartplotter for yachts


firas53 said...

Dear GPS,

gpsserial 1.3.3 was very good on my 3gs 32GB and TOMTOM 1.3, but 1.3.4 does not work, no matter how many times I reinstalled. Could you please see why? and for the mean time, please repost 1.3.3 on Cydia again, I need to resinstall it from Cydia. Thanks!