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Monday, December 14, 2009

Limited number of iGPS360 modules left

With the upcoming Holiday Season, the year 2009 is coming to an end.

Orange Gadgets will be closed between Christmas and New Year's Day and the last day for shipping packages this year will be on Wednesday December 23, 2009.

I will be taking a break from December 24, 2009 through January 1, 2009. During that period, you will still be able to place an order online, but packages won't be shipped till the new year. Although I will be around, email will most likely not be answered during that period either, unless I have time to spare ;-)

If you are still looking for a present for friends or family, the iGPS360 makes a great gift. Of the second production run that is coming to an end now, there are less than 75 units left as of today. If you are planning on getting a unit before the end of the year, you will have to be quick...

I would like to thank the community and all Orange Gadgets customers for all their support during the past year+ since the establishment of Orange Gadgets. Thank you for all your business, support and feedback.

It has been a great and fulfilling experience for myself and I am looking forward to what the New Year will bring for all of us!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.



Tyler Evert said...

Does anyone have a iPod Touch 2G and use the iGPS360 with the topo apps from the app-store.

GPS said...

@all: is anyone using the iGPS360 with any golf applications? If so, could you please post the AppStore app that you are using.

Thanks, PmgR

Lewi said...

@GPS I have the Golfshot GPS app and while the syslog of the iphone seems to show that it is working I haven't actually tested it out on a golf course yet.

Ryan said...

I have used my iGPS with an iPod Touch 2g and GolfCard (in combination with Maps Enhancer to store the satellite pictures locally) and it has worked great. I am planning on using AirVue Golf once the weather turns nice again since it stores all course info locally, but I cannot confirm that it works.

Along those lines, was wondering if anyone has found a battery extender that works with iGPS (with an iPod connector and not a mini usb)? 18 holes with the GPS on takes a toll on the battery life and it would be great if there was an easy solution like a mophie juice pack that would work with iGPS.

Lewi said...

Golfshot GPS does not work with the iGPS360.

GPS said...

@Lewi: what version of GPSSerial are you using. Try out the latest beta version available here

Lewi said...

@GPS I was running GPSSerial-1.3.1.deb. will the new beta fix it?

I've since upgraded to a 3GS and found the iGPS360 to have been much better. I plan to keep using it for tomtom, but would love to be able to use it with GolfShot GPS.

GPS said...

@Lewi: yes, the new beta might fix the problem. Please report back on what you find as it will be useful for other people who like to play golf and use the module.

Lewi said...

@gps ok the beta version works :)

one more question. Is there anyway to add the gpserial device options to sbsettings? Would be handy to be able to switch between the iPhone gps and iGPS360 without closing an app. Hmm perhaps it won't work if the apps detect the gps at launch.

Anonymous said...

Cloud the designers release softwares to allow user to control the LED. For example, when detecting, flash purple; when found a satellite lock, turns off the LED.

I feel that LED signal is dazzled in some cases.

mehndi said...

My boss is using iGPS360 but not with the golf thing.