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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

I have finally had some time to write up the answers to a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) on how to get up and running as quickly as possible with your new iGPS360 module.

The FAQ is posted on the main Orange Gadgets website and you can access the FAQ by clicking on "FAQ" in the top menu bar or by clicking here.

Another question that has come up repeatedly is the security certificate warning that appears in certain cases up when you try to access the Orange Gadgets Online Store. Regarding the certificate error, you can "add an exception" or click "accept" or something similar with respect to the certificate security notice. The certificate is from who is our web-provider so it is perfectly fine to add the exception (your security is not compromised). Besides that, payment for your order is processed on PayPal's website (not Orange Gadgets) so ordering is very safe. We are currently in the process of getting our own certificate such that the warning will disappear in the near future.

Regarding filling paid orders, here is the latest update.

We have currently shipped 277 orders (over 300 modules). We have completely processed and shipped all orders placed up through 10/30/2008 with the exception of the orders listed at the end of this post and 5 orders placed on 10/30/2008 that still need to be shipped.

Upcoming week will be our fourth week of shipping and we expect to have fully cleared the backlog by the end of this week. Thanks for being patience and sticking with us through these busy past weeks.

I also wanted to make Italian customers aware of the fact that the Italian post office seems to be randomly charging customers additional fees. Some Italian customers have reported a 15 dollar fee, two customers reported a 20 Euro fee and one customer a 22 Euro fee.

The category the GPS module is classified under is HS tariff number 852691 which is duty free (at least here in the US), but since it is a international tariff number code I would expect it to be duty free in every country that uses HS tariff codes.

I suggest that Italian customers inform themselves of the customs regulations for Italy and in particular with respect to the above HS tariff number and border fees. You should be able to find this information online or by calling your local customs office. The fees the Italian post office is charging are excessive. In case the additional fees are legal, note that according to the Terms of Service of Orange Gadgets website, the customer is responsible for paying any import duties and taxes on his order.

Lastly, we are trying to get in touch with a few customers who have not responded to our emails. If your order or customer number is below, please contact us as soon as possible at to resolve issues with the shipping address/method and to avoid further delay:

  1. Order id: 413, Customer id: 305
  2. Order id: 626, Customer id: 438

For all technical support for the the module, please email


Anonymous said...

Hardware (iGPS360) working 10000% but software (xGPS) need to be update, and I will suggest them to make up date whit this priority:
1. driving direction
2. easy way to download multizoom map
3. vectorial map
In this case we will have real GPS now is more Beta version
@Roger, Good job Roger!!!! , iGPS360 working better then other "regular" GPS (TomTom, Sony ecc)

Anonymous said...

I also pay custome fee in Italy 22 euro

koRnolio said...

Great update with the FAQ Section, thanks a lot for the clarification on how to correctly use the module.

I'm really glad with it, but as many said, the xGPS soft needs some improvement, however it's great cause it's free!! so people, don't complaint.


Anonymous said...

Good news from xGPS

Anonymous said...

how does that thing work in europe? with google maps? google maps is not for free here in europe... as far as i know :)

Developer4lease said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

If this has been covered elsewhere, please forgive me. When the module is plugged in to my ipod touch and iTunes is running, the apple mobile device service crashes. This makes the ipod go in and out of charging mode. Closing iTunes and restarting the service clears it all up. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanted to ask if there is someone else from germany out there, who ordered an iGPS360.
I got my shipping confirmation on Nov. 5th and did not receive anything till now. I ordered with uninsured shipping.

Has anyone from germany received a module yet?


Anonymous said...

@Mac: I am from Germany. I got shipment confirmation on Oct. 30th and my module hasn't arrived, either.

Anonymous said...

From germany,too. Got confirmation on November 6th. Normal shipping. Package didn't arrive yet.

Maybe customs?

Greets chris

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm from Germany, too. I got confirmation on october 28 and it hasn't arrived yet. Hope, that it will arrive next week!
But I have to say thanks for this great job to the orange gadgets community ;D

Anonymous said...

good news from Germany! Mine has arrived today (shipping confirmation was from October, 30th). Customs clearing took a while. There were no customs duties, but the tax was about 12 Euros.

Mac said...

OK guys, anyone else from germany received the module? I still didn't get mine.

@the lucky guy from germany:
Was your shippment insured or not? Did the Deutsche Post do the customs clearance for you? Whom did you pay the tax?

And the other ones? Insured or not? Mine is not insured!

I'm starting to worry if the module will ever arrive or if it got lost :-(

Anonymous said...

Just received mine. Hardware works great. Wish it could work on the native Google Maps app instead of xGPS. I can't port over my Google Maps bookmarks or drop a pin on the map as bookmark on xGPS. Because of that, I can't get it to work on any of the apps that uses Google Maps.

Software needs improvement, but hardware is perfect! If I had to think of any complaints on the iGPS360, it would be the lack of a locking clip on the iPod connector. It's too easy to have it dislodged.