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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The backlog has cleared!

We are happy to announce that we have cleared the backlog for paid orders. What you see in the photo are the shipping records of the first four weeks of shipping. We have shipped 352 orders now (close to 400 modules).

Today, I have taken a day off from shipping packages... a nice break. Not really a day off though, as I had to meet with the PCB board manufacturer to streamline the future production process a little better so as to free up some of my time. All remaining PCB boards of the first production run have been assembled and are ready to be tested and put into their housings.

For all of the units that have been shipped so far, I have personally put the PCB board inside of the module's housing. For the remaining units, I am transferring this task to the PCB manufacturer who is going to do this so-called full "box-build". They will first be assembling a test-run of 20 modules and if approved after inspection, they will have the green light to do the full "box-build" for all remaining GPS modules of the first production run. In that way I will have some more time available to do other things.

Testing and quality control of all "box-build" modules will still be performed by myself for the remainder of the first productions run. These tasks will eventually also be transferred to the manufacturer for subsequent production runs. So tell your iPhone/iPod friends that you know a good Christmas gift :-)

Talking about the Holiday Season, the end of coming week will be Thanksgiving here in the US (aka Turkey Day) and I have decided to take two days of rest on Thursday and Friday (so if I don't immediately respond to your emails or questions, you know why :-)

And lastly, I am still trying to get in touch with a few customers who have not responded to my emails. If your order or customer number is below, please contact us as soon as possible at to resolve issues with the shipping address and to avoid further delay:

  1. Order id: 413, Customer id: 305
  2. Order id: 865, Customer id: 609

For all technical support for the module, please email


Alban said...

The past weeks have been real busy for you :)

As I said in my mail, we have received the modules without troubles and they are working great :)

They are really small, working great and are not tapping the battery life too much.
The xGPS prgram is still a little buggy but the sofware programmers are working on it on a regular basis so everythings will be solved in time.

This GPS solution for the v1 iPhones is one of the best I have see. I had a Holux M1200 with a cable and despite this was working fine I was not happy due to the lenght of the cable ... I prefer way mush your tiny module instead :)

Best regards from France,

Nicola said...

What about other software like "Roadmap" ?
Thank you for your great module.

koRnolio said...

wowww... I just wanted to thanked you for the great device you did, it's really awesome!!! I can't believe how tiny and powerfull is... just wanted to pass and say THANKS FOR THIS!! People with a First Gen iPhone or with an iTouch must get one of these... really.

well, I just wanted to say that.

bye! :D

ian said...

Great Work out there.. unfortunately my unit keep crashing and i had to restore the ipod touch.. not sure which application has crashed it.. and therefore i have not able to test out the gps unit while i was in china.. will do so when i next visit UK in the coming months..

J D said...

So, I just wanted to let you know that your device works flawlessly. I used it going cross-country over the weekend from IN to GA and it was invaluable.

I can't wait for more software that takes advantage of it!

GPS said...

@all: thanks for the positive feedback. Spread the word to your friends and family :-)

@nicola: if you are in the US, you could use RoadMap as maps are available for US. Drop me an email.

@ian: did you try to access this blog when you were in China... I have been told that the blog is blocked by the Chinese regime's censorship... I was hoping you could confirm that.

@j.d.: hopefully more developers will start developing cool apps for the module now that it's on the market :-)

ian said...

YES.. this blog was pretty much blocked.. i couldn't access it at all.. i thought it was a problem with our firewall, then when i got to the hotel to try it, its the same..

Varman said...

You know what would be cool? If AppStore apps recognized the iGPS360 as an iPhone 3G chip. Then it would be like having an iPhone 3g without 3G!

J D said...


There might be some way to do this with MobileSubstrate, but I unfortunately don't know a whole lot about how that works.

Wholesale GPS said...

Great!Thank you for sharing us such good post!

Vincent said...

@JD : MobileSubstrate is the way to go, unfortunatly I am also lacking skills to achieve this... (MobileSubstrate was the way they used to get the 3G iphone to believe WIFI was ON when it wasn't)

This would open a whole new world of experience to 1G iphone and iPod users !

Plak said...

Congratulations once again for your flawless work.Since the xGPS soft is having an enormous delay(3-5sec) with iGPS360(at least mine has) have you consider other soft options?A company called XRoad is the first to announce a real turn-by-turn,offline GPS system for the iPhone 3G in mid December.Is there a hope for us the 1gen iPhone owners?Will our module be compatible?

GPS said...

@j.d. and Vincent: got to look into MobileSubstrate.

@Plak: I have been testing a newer release of xGPS and a lot of bugs have been fixed and things have been reorganized quite a bit. Delay has disappeared (was a screen update bug) and speedometer works properly now (also a bug that has been fixed). Also some new user options are available. Regarding XRoad, most likely they are bound by Apple not to distribute their app as 3rd party software. But maybe if enough of us contact them they might consider making a version that works with serial port NMEA data (or in other words, with the iGPS360 module ;-)

Skye said...

If you look into the MobileSubstrate to trick it into thinking its the built-in GPS, would it be able to work much like the iPhone3G GPS?

What I mean is, like the iPod and original iPhone, the 3G phone first uses the wifi to get faux GPS coordinates and give a rough area (try the maps app since 2.0 update.. it works suprisingly well in metro areas!). Once GPS lock is obtained, the 3G phone then switches from the faux GPS location to your actual GPS location

I suggested this on the xGPS web site, and theyve said they may look into it (as it gives a faster general location, before giving your specific location with true GPS)

Mac said...

Hi everybody, I ordered an iGPS360 and got the shipment confirmation on Nov. 5th, but the module didn't arrive till today.
I am from Germany and ordered without insurance. Anyone else having the same problem? If, where are you from?

GPS said...

@Mac: I had one other German customer, and his package was shipped on Nov. 5th and it only arrived this week. Please drop me and email with your order number and customer number so I can contact the post office to start an investigation on where the package is.

GPS said...

@Mac: I did get your two emails today. I have responded with two emails to both of your email addresses. Let me know if you got the response or not. If not, also please check your spambox.

Fernando said...

I´v just received mi igps360 today, now charging :)
It took 14 days.

Fernando said...

... sorry, 14 days to Spain :)

ian said...

oooh.. its been a long time since the last update on this blog..

so how are things ..?

I was in Penang last weekend and the GPS works fine.. unfortunately the software doesn't have turn by turn instructions nor was it able to route out the destination for us.

I am in the UK now.. doesn't help much to know where i am.. what i would like to do is to know how to get to a certain point... or fixed my location so that i could walk back towards it if have to..

hmmm.. any interesting out there...?

happyjam64 said...

Is their any update with the MobileSubstrate solution?

Anonymous said...

@ian: check out the new version of xgps, it has turn-by turn navigation now. Haven't tried it yet, so I can't say how good it is.

A J said...

Took delivery of my module yesterday and downloaded xGPS maping software today and it works fine on my ipod Touch. Excellent bit of kit.

Is there a GPS rose (showing directions and co-ordinates) application that can be used with the module.

Thank you.


orthoblaino said...

interested in helping you develop another module for tracking heart rate much more accurately. let me know of your interest