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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GPSSerial 1.4.1 released: allows for multi-tasking

A new version of GPSSerial (version 1.4.1) is available now from the Orange Gadgets website here.

Note: GPSSerial (version 1.4.1) that is currently on Cydia is not working correctly, so please follow the link above instead and install the new version manually. Make sure to first remove the old GPSSerial package completely and reboot your device as outlined in the above link.

Version 1.4.1 of GPSSerial has quite a few bug fixes and upgrades to it:

  • The new version allows multiple CoreLocationManagers to access the external GPS module. GPSSerial will route GPS data to each of them. Certain AppStore apps instance multiple CoreLocationManagers which sometimes caused problems with the older GPSSerial (version 1.3.x). This has been resolved now so a lot more AppStore apps will work correctly with GPSSerial.

  • The new version allows multiple applications to run simultaneously and GPSSerial will route GPS data to each of them from the external GPS module.

  • On iOS4, you can have multiple apps running without having to fully close them before switching to the next location aware app.

  • On firmware 3.x, you can install Backgrounder through Cydia and also run multiple location aware apps at the same time.

  • Apple's built-in functions correctly on both firmware 3.x and iOS4.

  • If you switch the settings in the GPSSerial user interface from e.g. iGPS360 to iPhone GPS, GPSSerial will switch from the external GPS module (in this case the iGPS360) to your iPhone's built-in GPS or if you don't have a built-in GPS (e.g. if you are on an iPod touch or an iPad WiFi only), it will use WiFi triangulation and forward that to the running application.

The above upgrades and bug fixes have taken up a great many hours and they would not have been possible without the feedback of all of you.

Try out the new version and post your feedback in the comments or visit the xGPS forum here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, ther is some bug in 1.4.1 (also in your version), I'm using 2g fw3.1.3 with igps360 navigon Europe last version (original not crack), but all time navigon lose signal (on highway!?) and recalculate somthing! Can you fix this or Plase put somewhere 1.4 version that was work perfectly!,,,, tks a lot

GPS said...

@anonymous: this bug is fixed now in the next beta.

Anonymous said...

I have a strange issue with iPad : I have install GPS Serial, and it seems that it doesn't allow the compass to work anymore.

GPS said...

@anonymous: please install the latest GPSSerial beta version available from here which fixes both bugs.

Scott Ferg said...

Compass does not work on ipod touch 2g on iOS 4.2.1 nor does map tracking using gpsserial 1.4.3 beta.
Map Tracking also does not work.
This is using Orange Gadgets igps360.

The Only appstore app I can get to run using gpsserial is Tomtom New Zealand the latest version.

GPS said...

@Scott Ferg: make sure you read the iOS4 tips here. The iPod touch 2G does not have a built-in compass. Only iPad and later models iPhone have that. I suggest you revert to GPSSerial 1.4.2 if the new beta doesn't work for you.

Karl Z said...

Using RedSnow 0.9.7b6 and jail breaking 4.2.1 it seems GPSSerail (from to cause ipad to hang occasionally. I had tested this theory by installing other Cydia apps EXCEPT GPSSerial and iPad ran for several days. I installed GPSSerial and it hung on a reboot, also it hand Cydia several time (a reboot hung at Apple logo). On iOS 3.2.2 it runs perfectly.
Is there a fix or something I can provide you? Perhaps a video of it hanging within minutes of installing GPSSerial?
Thank you

vinz262002 said...

Just a quick update to inform that my iGPS360 also works great with my iPad2 wifi ONLY, FW 4.3.3 jailbroken with
There's only one little problem : It seems that leaving the GPSSerialHook ON drains the battery although the module is not connected (but it can be disabled easily using SBSettings, More option)

All in all, my GPS module finds a new use while it was a bit abandoned since my upgrade to iPhone 4

Anonymous said...

Is the source for GPSSerial availible somewhere? I'd like to make a modified version that just fakes my GPS coordinates, as i need the dock port for a credit card reader. The mobile credit card software sends email receipts which include a link to google maps for where they made the purchase. Currently it gives the middle of the atlantic as the iTouch 2G doesnt have GPS, i want to force it to point at my home address.

Anonymous said...

i cant boot up my ipad2 after installing gps serial -.- , help please

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