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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some more AppStore apps for the iGPS360

Today a post with a variety of things: an update on three AppStore applications that quite a few people have asked about.

  1. The first application is the marine navigation software from Navionics. Navionics currently has a free application on the AppStore called Navionics Viewer.

    I can confirm that this application works with the iGPS360 module and GPSSerial 1.1 installed on an iPhone 2G (first generation) running 3.0 firmware as well as on an iPod Touch 1G (first generation) running 2.2.1 firmware.

    Navionics currently has various maps for a good price on the AppStore:

    Hopefully this will make a lot of the nautical GPS users very happy!

  2. Then the second application that has been confirmed to work with the iGPS360 module and GPSSerial 1.1 installed is Geocaching.

    Credit goes to Katie who has an iPod Touch 2G (second generation) and she says:

    "I saw one your website that you didn't know if your GPS unit worked with geocaching. I tried it out yesterday and it does work! The only reason I got the GPS was for geocaching so I was very happy to see that it works great! I just wanted to let you know so you can advertise that it does work! The app is called Geocaching. It's the official Geocaching app that sells for $9.99. I had to download GPSSerial for it to work, but once I did that it works great! I am so happy with the GPS unit!"

    Groundspeak Inc.'s Geocaching app can be downloaded from iTunes here.

    Have fun Geocachers!

  3. Then lastly, let's talk a bit about Navigon. The results seem to be mixed among people. Some people can get it to work with the iGPS360 module and GPSSerial 1.1, while others can't. Even from the reviews on the AppStore, it seems that this is the same for people with a 3G iPhone with built-in GPS: some get it to work, others can't.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get Navigon North America to work on my iPhone 2G (first generation) running 3.0 firmware with the iGPS360 and GPSSerial 1.1 installed. I get this picture...

    Feel free to leave your own findings as feedback in the comments. Make sure you mention what edition of Navigon (Europe or North America) you are using, as well as the version and what country you are in.

    There could be a few possible reasons:

    1. It could be a serious bug on Navigon's part, not polling the CoreLocation framework correctly.
    2. Or it could be a GPSSerial bug (the software is still in beta)
    3. A bug in Apple's 3.0 firmware.

    Hopefully Mathieu from Xwaves will be able to take a look at it soon and make the final verdict. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a bug on Navigon's part. But either way, maybe Mathieu can make a workaround for it in the next version of GPSSerial!


Piotr said...

I can confirm that on my 2G iphone 3.0 navigin Europe 1.1.0 is running well.

Piotr said...

Correction: Navigon Europe 1.1.0

Anonymous said...

negative (1.0.0 N/America)= ipoT 1G SF 3.0, I tried any trick ...

Anonymous said...

that's a negative on Navigon as well. iPod Touch 2G/FW3.0/iGPS360 + GPSSerial 1.1

Anonymous said...

negative Navigon v1.0.0 USA, iPhone OS3.0, GPSSerial 1.1, iPod Touch 2G, iGPS360

Anonymous said...

in ref to post #3 = happend today: I overheated my iopT in the car and drained battery down to the point that I lost somehow time and data settings, then I chrged it, prior to fireing-up the NAVIGON I used the SKULL icon in SBSettings to max free the memory and it kicked in!!!!
looks to me that NAVIGON uses a lot of ipod resources in order to work properly (!like VISTA).
Punch line: Clean -up your memory prior and wait patiently till it lock-up the satelite.

Unknown said...

What is the best GPS Navigation apps available for iPod Touch?
Where can i find a "turorial" kind of thing to install the, or, those applications?

GPS said...

@Gulf: It's kind of a subjective question. Navigon looks pretty neat in terms of the user interface, but I can't get it to work. The user interface for Sygic is a bit differently setup than Navigon, but it works with the iGPS360 (except for the auto rerouting feature when you get off-route), so that is what I am using for now. I personally haven't really seen anything that is like "wow, this is superb". Waiting for xGPS 2.0...

Here are a few links tutorial and forum links:

Unknown said...

I installed Sygic on my iPod Touch but i can't get it to work.
Do you know where can I find a tutorial to install it? or, the version that works with the iPod?

jin said...

so the gps works great but initially, it gave me an error message saying that it could access the serial interface and to make sure that i have no other gps program running the bg.

well i installed gps serial in preparation of trying other apps from the app store but i actually had to UNINSTALL that app before i could get the gps to work in xgps - there is no way to DEACTIVATE gps serial.

i suspect that gps serial and xgps may end up interfering with each other... in which case there should be a method to disable the gps features in each app.

for xgps,

i would love:

1. direction of travel (nswe or an arrow on the dot representing current location)

2. next cross street/exit

other than that, everything works great!

GPS said...

@Gulf @ Jin: For AppStore support, you need to install GPSSerial. Then reboot your device. Open GPSSerial and tap "iGPS360" (I assume you are using the iGPS360 as the GPS receiver). Then if you wish to use xGPS at the same time, select "iPhone 3G GPS" as the GPS to use in xGPS (leave the GPSSerial selection at "iGPS360"). Then just start up either xGPS or Sygic and things should work.

Anonymous said...

You can choose to have an arrow for direction of travel in xGPS. You'll find the option under 'User Interface'. Just turn OFF the Blue dot for position option.

Anonymous said...


I use the iGPS360 with an iPod Touch 1G and 3.0 firmware. GPSSerial is set for iGPS360 and I have no problem using either xGPS or Navigon 1.1.0 - North America without having to change the GPS option in GPSSerial.