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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little side-tracking: iControlPad

The developers over at have started production of the iControlPad module for the iPhone. This module will bring real game controls to your iPhone (see the rendered photo above).

Note that the current version only works on the iPhone and not the iPod Touch. This is because the physical structure of the module was designed for the iPhone. Maybe they will come out with a version for the iPod Touch at a later date.

I have ordered a couple of modules to do some testing and game playing with the modules.

I would like to find out how much interest there is for the iControlPad module from you. If there is enough interest, Orange Gadgets will become a U.S. distributor for the iControlPad, possibly with discounted pricing (MSRP is $34.99). If you are in the U.S., you will also be able to save on shipping as the modules would normally ship from the U.K. manufacturer.

So leave your feedback here on the blog or, if you already know that you want an iControlPad, sign up for a module on the Orange Gadgets website. The website has been slightly updated and another database has been added to track interest in this product.

Please sign up before the start of next week if you would like to be sure to get a unit from their first production run.


Unknown said...

It really depends how many games support it, and whether they are like PSP level games or just games like pong

J D said...

I thought it was important that this answer be given in public, so here's the question I just emailed them:

Will there be a provision for a power pass-through such that you can keep the iPhone charged while you are playing games?

GPS said...

@rob: here is what says: "We will release software for the iControlPad every few days over the coming 4 weeks. Inc Quake, MAME, Emulators etc."

@j.d.: here is what says: "Male connection and Female plug though connection (new feature), this means you can still charge, transfer files and use any
connection accessories while the iPhone is in the iControlPad." I doubt the serial port will be accessible as I would guess they are using that for the control pad communication.

Unknown said...

Does it work on the iPod Touch?

Anonymous said...

looks cool.. but its going to be like another psp feel and look.. not cool enough...

J D said...

@william: Yes, they will be making an iPod touch version; they stated that way back at the beginning of the project.

@ian: What's the big deal? The controller enables a whole range of new applications. Imagine what you can do with both buttons AND multitouch. It's hardly "not cool enough."

Anonymous said...

Are you finally going to become a distributor?
I miss two more buttons on the top of the icontrolpad...